Charles Manson

Charles Manson receives visitors, munches fruit in prison

Charles Manson’s recent health scare has apparently left him gaunt and pale, but seemingly hasn’t slowed down the 82-year old serial killer that lead followers on a brutal two-night killing spree in 1969.

Photos just published by The New York Post show Manson glaring at the camera while in the visiting room of Corcoran State Prison, California, where he is serving nine life terms. Although he appears haggard, sources told The Post the convicted serial killer has been receiving visitors and munching on avocados instead of his usual junk food fare of Dorito’s and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

“Charlie is in good spirits,” a source recently told The Post. “He’s looking good and looking strong. He didn’t seem concerned about his health issues.”

The photos show a defiant looking Manson glaring at the camera. His shaved head and full salt-and-pepper colored beard highlight the swastika he carved between his eyes after the murder spree that is know as “The Manson Murders” and the “Tate-LaBianca murders.”

One photo shows a large, snake tattooed hand draped over Manson’s shoulder. The hand reportedly belongs to a Manson convert “Black Wolf,” who purposely stood with his face out of camera range, according to The Post.

As we reported, Manson was reportedly treated at an undisclosed medical facility for what sources said was a life-threatening illness.

“I don’t think he’ll be around too much longer, but he is able to talk in his current condition,” California Corrections Department source told The Post earlier this month.

Prison officials declined to comment on Manson’s health citing privacy and security concerns.

But if the photos are to be believed, Manson is having the last laugh on those who thought he’d soon die.

[Feature Photo: California Department of Corrections]