‘Danger to all women’: Judge blasts man accused of stalking, beating numerous women

He met them online, then beat them mercilessly in person

A man accused of stalking, beating, and harassing women he met online was blasted by a Manchester, UK,  judge while in court on Wednesday.

Metro reports that Ryan Schofield, 26, allegedly met at least eight women online that he abused once they met in person. In one instance, he’s accused of holding a pillow over one of his victim’s faces. When she tried to get away, he told her, “Shh, I’ll do what I want,” then sexually assaulted her with a Lysol can.

In another incident, Schofield headbutted a victim, stripped her of her clothing, and punched her so hard in the stomach that she almost passed out. Another victim was beaten so badly that’s she scared to perform daily activities.

Schofield met each of his victims over a 7-year period through the online dating site, Plenty of Fish. He met the last and latest victim in March 2015, and eventually moved into her home in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. The relationship was extremely tumultuous, with Schofield constantly accusing her of infidelity, followed by bursts of outrage and jealousy. Soon after, he became violent.

According to prosecutor Joe Boyd, Schofield and his former live-in girlfriend were walking home from a pub when he once again became extremely jealous. He started calling her names, and eventually struck her.

“They started arguing outside the house and when they got inside he pushed her onto the radiator, putting his face to hers and then head butted her to the left eye. He dragged her into the bedroom and pushed her into a chest of drawers.”

The victim filed a complaint against Schofield, but they met up again months later and rekindled their relationship. Once again he began abusing, but his trail of violence against women finally came to end with police detained him.

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During his court hearing, Judge John Potter blasted him before sentencing him.

“When you are in a relationship with a women you exhibit violent and controlling behaviour over them. This characteristic of you has been present for many, many years and has been well established in numerous previous relationships. It’s obvious that that your previous convictions significantly aggravate the offending I must sentence you for now – and that is because they are very similar….Some of these latest offences illustrate that whilst in a violent and controlling relationship, you not only physically but sexually abused your victim.”

Schofield was sentenced to five years and four months behind bars.