Like father, like son: Mafia don John Gotti’s grandson in plea deal

The young Gotti has decided to stay behind bars for now

The grandson of one-time Mafia Boss John Gotti is reportedly working out a plea deal in connection to his arrest for distributing prescription drugs

John Gotti was charged this summer, along with seven others, on allegations he sold the prescription drugs Oxycodone and Xanax for almost $50,000 to undercover policemen on 11 different occasions.

The arrest was part of sting operation that had been reportedly going on for a year, code named “Operation Beach Party.” In addition to the multiple arrests, police confiscated $240,000 in cash.

Though Gotti had been facing 25 years in prison, Gotti’s attorney told the New York Post this week that his team is close to working out a plea deal.

“We’re just ironing out some details,” Gerard Marrone told The Post.

Mr. Gotti began having trouble with the police as a teenager, when in 2010 he fled the location of a crime after an acquaintance shot his pellet gun into a crowd. A couple of year later, an 18 year old Mr. Gotti was arrested for possession of steroids.

In June of 2016, the young Gotti was arrested after his car was stopped and police found over 200 Oxycodone pills, a bottle of testosterone, marijuana and $8,000 in cash.

This arrest was not related to the sting operation.

As stated on his Facebook page, Gotti is a personal trainer and fitness model. He is also believed to be the owner of a tattoo parlor “Rebel Ink Tattoo.”

Though his bail is set at $2 million, Gotti’s attorney told the Post his client would remain in custody until his February 8 hearing as a gesture of “good faith.”