Police officer reportedly punches teen girl in face for spitting on him

A St. Paul, Minnesota, 14-year-old teen, suicidal and in need of help, is accused of spitting in an officer’s face, while the officer is accused of reacting inappropriately and punching her.

The Washington Times reports that St. Paul Police Officer Michael Soucheray, along with his partner, Chris Rhoades, arrived at a girl’s shelter, Brittany’s Place, after being called in to help a girl who needed psychiatric treatment. After the arrive, the teen girl, for reasons unknown, became irritated, and gave those around her “the silent treatment.”

According to a criminal complaint, the girl refused to ride in an ambulance, so the officers opted to take her there themselves. She continued to resist. She was handcuffed, and the officers warned her that they’d drag her to the squad car if she resisted. She immediately made her body go limp and listless.

As promised, the officers dragged her to the car, but as soon as they approached the vehicle and placed her inside, her limp body came to life and she started screaming and hissing at the officers. When the officers tried to calm her down and get her seat belt on, she reportedly spat directly in Officer Soucheray’s face. The complaint states that’s when Soucheray balled up a fist and punched the girl in the face–twice.

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The complaint also states that Soucheray started cursing at the teen, calling her a “f******* b****.” He’s now facing a fifth-degree assault, a charge he’s fighting, because he feels he acted in self defense.

“He’s wedged in the back of the squad car with this belligerent screaming young woman that just clears her throat while he’s trying to help her and spits in his face,” Soucheray’s lawyer, Pete Wold, said. “That’s dangerous. He was just a matter of inches away. She might be a young girl, but you don’t know whether she has diseases or what. And that’s an assault when you spit in someone’s face like that.”

The teen was also charged, but since she’s a minor, her records are sealed.