Video: Police body cam footage released of Fort Worth officer who arrested mom, daughter

*Warning: Disturbing Video*

Last month, a teen streamed a police incident on Facebook Live of a Fort Worth officer arresting her family members, after they called authorities to help with a neighbor who reportedly grabbed a 7-year-old little boy. Until now, the only video viewers had to go on was the live stream. The officer’s body cam footage, released on Tuesday, provides a clearer and more in-depth view of what happened on December 21.

The Root reports that 36-year-old Fort Worth PD Officer, William Martin, responded to a call from Jacqueline Craig, 46. According to Craig, a neighbor choked her 7-year-old son after the little boy allegedly littered in the neighbor’s yard. When Martin arrived, the neighbor reportedly admitted to grabbing the boy, stating that the kid “defied” him.

As Craig explained to the officer the details of the incident, Martin questioned why she didn’t teach her son not to litter. He also questioned what was wrong with the neighbor putting his hands on her son. Clearly upset by the officer’s questions, Craig raised her voice and explained to Martin that she not only had no proof that her son littered, but no one had the right to grab her young child, especially when the neighbor could have simply came to her.

Officer Martin threatened to arrest Craig if she kept “yelling at him.” That’s when a teen girl, identified as Craig’s 15-year-old daughter, stepped in front of her mother. The video clearly shows that neither Craig nor Hammond touched the officer, so it’s still unclear why he arrested them both. Shortly after, 19-year-old Brea Hymond, the teen that filmed the incident walked over to officer, clearly upset that her family members were being arrested. As she walked up to Martin, the body cam footage showed him briefly grabbing her by the neck and pushing her. She was also arrested.

After a 10-day suspension, Martin returned to work. He was also required to undergo additional training in order to “repair relationships” within the community where the incident took place. Craig, however, reportedly wants the officer fired. Her attorney, Lee Merritt, demanded that not only should Craig lose his job, but should face criminal charges as well.

The Fort Worth Police Department denied requests to publicize the officer’s body cam footage (seen below), but Merritt chose to release it on Tuesday.


[Feature Photo: YouTube]