Caught on Camera: Illinois girl arrested for attacking classmate on school bus

**WARNING: Disturbing Video, Graphic Language**

A 16-year-old girl is facing assault charges after reportedly doling out a vicious attack on another teen during a school bus fight in Lincolnshire, Illinois. The suspect’s friend uploaded the video to Facebook after the attack, leading police to arrest the attacker.

NBC Chicago reports that entire ordeal, purposely filmed by someone holding a cellphone, showed the 16-year-old suspect from Stevenson High School attacking another female student, 15. The suspect repeatedly kicks the other girl and punches her in the head while cursing at her and telling her to apologize. It’s unclear why the fight happened or what the attacker wanted the victim to apologize about.

“Say you’re sorry! What’s up, little b***h?’”

The school bus driver walked over and asked the students what was going on, then alerted school security. The attack stopped momentarily, but the suspect went back for more. She pinned the victim to a bus seat and started throwing punches to her head and screaming at her again.

“F*** with me again, b****. Say sorry, say you’re sorry. Say you’re sorry, b****!”

A male student, seated behind the fight, wedged himself between the suspect and victim and told the angry attacker to “calm down.” The victim is heard crying, while the attacker backed off after she couldn’t get around the male student to attack the victim any further.

The student holding the cellphone while the fight occurred took to Facebook later that day and posted the entire ordeal online. Stevenson High School spokesman Jim Conrey confirmed that the posted video was indeed the fight that occurred on the school bus. He also indicated that the attack was clearly premeditated.

“This was a premeditated attack. These are not little slaps. Clearly, the attacker had someone who had agreed to video the attack.”

After Lincolnshire police reviewed the video, they charged the attacker with assault. She’ll be prosecuted as a juvenile; her case file is at the Depke Juvenile Justice Complex. The girl that posted the video is not currently facing any charges.

The victim stayed behind at the school for about an hour after the fight. Her parents requested an ambulance, and she was taken to the Advocate Condell Medical Center in Libertyville. She had minor injuries only, and has since been released.

[Feature Photo: YouTube]