How dare they? Video offer to help drug lord El Chapo escape US Prison filmed by inmates inside California jail

“Here we are in control.”

In a truly terrifying video uploaded the day El Chapo was extradited to the United States, five Spanish-speaking inmates pledge their allegiance and protection to the notorious drug lord.

“Señor, you still don’t know me but I am Chucky and in this prison I command,” one of the men says, according to Fox News. “This is all under our control, viejo [pal]. I have bought the guards, I have bought the guardian, we have bought all kinds of authorities here, sir.”

“We are the sicarios [hit men] that are going to take care of you, here we are in control,” Chucky continued. “We are 100 percent [for you], waiting for you to provide you with whatever it is you need.”

In the video, Chucky shows an exterior view of the prison through a window, and then a view into a common area.

The group’s leader also claimed to have bought off prison staff and that they have access to drugs, women, and cell phones. According to the the Los Angeles Times, they claim to have also helped other prisoners escape.

[Feature Photo: YouTube]