Missing: Developmentally delayed Cleveland teen may be endangered

Alianna DeFreeze’s family describes her as very trusting

A Cleveland family is praying for the safe return of a developmentally delayed 14-year-old who went missing on her way to school this week.

Alianna Defreeze was last seen Thursday morning boarding a public bus for school. According to Cleveland 19 News, Defreeze’s mother saw the 7th grader board the first leg of her trip, which would have taken her to a transfer for a second leg. While surveillance cameras saw DeFreeze get off the first bus, there is no record of her boarding the second. She never arrived at school, but there are reports of possible sightings — first at a McDonald’s near her school, along with another girl, in the morning. And a bus driver reportedly told the school principal that DeFreeze exited a bus later in the day, at around 3:30 p.m.

Police told News 5 Cleveland they are particularly concerned about DeFreeze because she has a health condition that requires require daily medication, and may be endangered. Her family told WKYC 7 that she is developmentally closer to the age of 8 0r 9, and very impressionable and trusting.

DeFreeze is believed to have been carrying an all-day public bus pass on Thursday, which is not what the school issues — students are given two one-way tickets to get back and forth from school. This details appears to have friends and family believing that DeFreeze may have encountered someone who gave her the pass, and might know where she is now.

“She’s never done this ever before,” Alianna’s aunt, Ariel Bell, told Cleveland 19. “She’s not known to run away. She’s never run away, she’s never been in any type of trouble. There’s no reason for her to run away from home so this is very unlike her,” said Bell.

DeFreeze was last seen wearing black pants, a black sweater, and a brown coat with tan fur along the hood. She was carrying a black and purple backpack, and pink headphones.

Anyone with information about DeFreeze’s whereabouts is urged to call the Cleveland Police Department at 216-623-3138.


Photo: Cleveland Police Department