Homeowner shoots burglar, gets charged with manslaughter

A Madelia, Minnesota, homeowner was charged with second-degree manslaughter on Monday for fatally shooting a teen during an attempted home invasion.

David Allen Pettersen, 65, called cops at around 7 am on Saturday to report a shooting and suspected burglary at his home, according to KMSP. Pettersen (pictured left) reportedly told a dispatcher he fired his gun at a gray car he saw fleeing the property.

A criminal complaint indicated the 65-year-old allegedly fired his .45 caliber handgun three times from about 10 feet away from Embertson, Kyle Thomas Nason, 18, and Cornelius Ayers Jr., 18, as they drove off.

Nicolas Thomas Embertson, 19, (pictured right) was wounded in the pelvis during the incident and later died at a hospital.

Liv Corneau, who met the slain teen in treatment years ago, told The Mankato Free Press that Embertson suffered from addiction. Corneau also claimed he opened his home to her when she became homeless.

“Whenever anything was wrong, he’d drop whatever he was doing to come help you. He would give you the shirt off his back. He was so big-hearted.”

Pettersen supposedly told authorities he was in bed when he heard someone try to open a door. He opened the door to confront Nason, who then jumped off his 10-foot deck. Pettersen claimed he got his gun after seeing Nason crawling to a car parked near his garage.

According to the complaint, Nason claimed Embertson was driving when they heard two loud bangs. Embertson is believed to have lost consciousness as he drove off the driveway.

The Twin Cities Pioneer Press reported Pettersen was also charged with felony dangerous discharge of a firearm.

On Sunday, Watonwan County Chief Deputy Jeremy Nachreiner said that more information will be released as the investigation continues.

“We are still in the early part of the investigation and will be releasing the information in a reasonable amount of time.”

[Feature Photo: Watonwan County Jail & Facebook]