Starved, freezing dog found chained in Ohio suburbs

Although the The Fashion For Fido fundraiser in Cleveland, Ohio raised $1,600 for Fido’s Companion Rescue, Inc. on Friday, but most of the raised funds will now go to an abused and abandoned puppy found tied up outside of a house. reports that the poor dog was kept locked up in a small cage for so long that he had huge, open bedsores on his backside, clearly from sitting for prolonged periods of time without being allowed to stretch or exercise. He was also so malnourished that his rib cage jutted out.

Fido’s Companion Rescue named the pup “Amos.” He’s a 2-month-old pit bull. The rescue group is using all of the donated money from the fundraiser for for Amos’ medical expenses. Yet, with the extent of his injuries, it won’t be enough to cover all of the costs. Amos will need surgery for his bed sores, intravenous antibiotics, and a number of other medications. Dr. Kari Swedenborg of the West Park Animal Hospital in Cleveland, said that Amos will have a long road ahead of him while recovering.

Donations are greatly needed at this time to help ensure Amos can get all of the care he needs. If you’re in the Cleveland area, donations jars are set up at the The Style Loop in Rocky River. Donations can also be made to or at the West Park Animal Hospital at 4117 Rocky River Drive, Cleveland, Ohio, 44135. For any questions, please contact the animal hospital directly at  216-252-4500.

It’s unclear whether authorities have charged the previous dog owner with animal abuse.

[Feature Photo: Fido’s Companion Rescue, Inc.]