Caught on video: Baptist students abuse claims

Southwest Baptist University expelled two students after a disturbing video surfaced showing them allegedly abusing a group home resident, school officials confirmed on Monday.

FOX News reports that Tim Decker, the director of the Missouri Children’s Division, reported an incident, caught on video, in which two SBU students reportedly punch a young man numerous times while he’s on the ground, in a bathroom. The victim tries to kick and pull away, but the suspects continued to pummel him. The victim is believed to be a resident of Home Court Advantage, a boys’ group home in Bolivar, Missouri, that treats patients with mental and developmental disabilities

Southwest Baptist University officials not only dismissed the two students in question, but confirmed they were working with law enforcement to get to the bottom of the incident.

“After being made aware of the allegations, the university immediately reported the allegations to law enforcement. The actions demonstrated by these students are unacceptable to the SBU community and unacceptable to the ethics and morals of SBU. Our prayers are with all parties involved.”

KY3 reports that one of the assailants, an SBU football player, wrote on Facebook that, “the kid was threaten(ing) to kill the staff and was looking for a weapon. It was my fault for even touch(ing) the kid but it was a quick reaction from my part.”

The video gained statewide attention, even reaching Gov. Eric Greitens, who promised to take action.

“I saw this video. It is deeply disturbing. Both as your governor and as a father, I can tell you, we will not stand for this. It is doubly disturbing, because it appears to have taken place in a facility that was responsible for the protection and care of some of our most vulnerable children.”

It’s unclear if the victim needed medical treatment after the attack. Home Court Advantage hasn’t commented yet on the issue.

[Feature Photo: Facebook]