Daughter of Real Housewives star at center of elder abuse accusations

The daughter of Real Housewives of Orange County (RHOCA) star, Lynne Curtin, is facing accusations of elderly abuse after her grandmother filed a restraining order against her.

Marilou Colee,  Alexa Curtin’s 88-year-old grandmother, claimed that her reality star granddaughter is so out of control that she broke into her Mission Viejo home on a number of occasions. Curtin, 23, is also accused of extremely erratic behavior that reportedly led Colee to file an “elderly abuse” protective order against her, specifically designed for victims ages 65 and older.

Colee blames Curtin’s strange behavior on a reported sexual assault incident that occurred two years ago. An Orange County police officer allegedly raped Curtin when she was 21, after he pulled her over during a routine traffic stop. The family later filed a lawsuit against the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

‘Plaintiff was violated, traumatized, emotionally drained, in shock, and fearing for her own safety. Specifically, Plaintiff feared that given the Deputy’s position, he would find her and harm her again,” the lawsuit read.

Curtin’s grandmother indicated that the experience affected Alexa Curtin so much that her entire life changed. Curtin reportedly started using illegal drugs shortly after the incident, leading a drug possession charge.

Colee admitted she still loves her granddaughter, but she put her foot down the 23-year-old started breaking into her house.

“I love her so much, but she broke into my house. I can see who’s at the door from the inside, and when I open it she just kind of comes in. She’s stayed with me for a couple weeks before. After that she’s threatened us, broken windows.”

Colee also said that Curtin doesn’t have a job and “doesn’t do anything,” and with her past involvement in the adult film industry, it’s been hard for her to obtain employment.

“She doesn’t have any money, she doesn’t have a car, she hasn’t been doing anything. It’s so sad, she’ll be out in the rain, she’s slept in the bushes.”

Alexa Curtin, who couldn’t be reached for comment, made numerous guest appearances on ROHC before her mother left the show.

[Feature Photo: AP/Jordan Strauss/Invision]