I Survived a Serial killer; CA woman relives horrific kidnap

Jennifer Asbenson was only 19 when in 1992, she was abducted and taken to a desert in Desert Hot Springs, California. A notorious serial killer tortured her in the desert for hours on end, and although it’s been 24 years since she escaped, but she still remembers the horrific details like yesterday.

The New York Post reports that Asbenson recently returned to Desert Hot Springs. It was her first trip back since she escaped from the hands of Andrew Urdiales, one of the nation’s most prolific serial killers who brutally stabbed, punched, beat, and attempted to rape her before she got away. The savage serial killer abducted Asbenson, a nurse, while only 20 or so minutes away from her Cathedral City, California, home.

She was on her way to work, running late, when to top it off, Asbenson missed her bus. Urdiales spotted her and offered her a ride. At first she declined. Urdiales started driving away, but then she remembered her boss warning her that she would be terminated if she was late to work again. She reluctantly accepted a ride from the serial killer.

“I automatically thought, ‘He can’t be any kind of crazy person because why would he pull away and not come attack me?'” “He didn’t do anything bizarre … I even felt bad for prejudging him.”

The ride to work went without incident. Asbenson thanked Urdiales, but gave him fake information when he asked for her phone number. The following morning, she needed a ride home from work, and Urdiales once again, was right there waiting. She had a hunch she would walk the other way, and she did, but she heard the car behind her and immediately knew it was Urdiales. Regardless, she was tired and simply wanted to go home, so she accepted his offer for another ride.

Of course, what came next is something out of a nightmare. He drove the car off and his behavior, although friendly at first, started to change. He immediately began hurling insults at Asbenson, pulling her hair, and slamming her head on the dashboard. He pulled out a gun and put it to her head as he drove towards the desert.

It was the sure will to survive that helped Asbenson escape. After torturing her for hours, Urdiales put her in the trunk of his car and began driving away. That’s when Asbenson, although beaten to point of almost dying, sprung into action.

“I ripped (the trunk interior) apart and … I turned the latch, and I held the top of the trunk because I didn’t want it to fly up. “I think, ‘Don’t look back, don’t ever look back.’ But I look back. He was chasing me down the middle of the road with a machete. So I just ran, a car was coming towards me, it was a truck. I was spent. It could have run me over. But instead, it was two Marines and they stopped. I told them what happened, they had a pair of jeans that fit me perfectly.”

Revisiting Desert Hot Springs

Asbenson uploaded her visit to YouTube. She wanted her friends to follow her in her journey back to the worst time in her, to be there with her in “real time” to experience. The painful process is something Asbenson needed to move on.

“I wanted them to hear everything in my own words, without interruption. I wanted them to feel like they were experiencing it with me. I am not ashamed or embarrassed to be a human. So I do not edit myself. I thought people would appreciate the rawness of it.”

Watch the touching video below (viewer discretion advised)

[Feature Photo: Facebook]