Monster Mom’s boyfriend indicted in ‘brutal broomstick beating’ of 4-year-old boy

On Tuesday, a grand jury indicted a man in the horrific broomstick-beating death of a little six-year-old boy.  The child, Zymere Perkins, was found dead September 26.  The tot was living with his mother, 26-year-old Geraldine Perkins and her “boyfriend.”  The little boy’s malnourished body was covered in bruises and revealed finger marks around his neck and several broken ribs.

The New York Post reports that Zymere’s horrific death and the agonizing  abuse he must have endured leading up to his murder, led to  YET ANOTHER investigation into the NYC Child Services agency for ignoring blatant signs of child abuse.

The specific charges against the boyfriend, Rysheim Smith, 42, are not known yet. It has been reported however, that multiple claims of child abuse of Zymere were previously made, but Child Protection chose, nonetheless, to leave the boy in the hands of his mother and boyfriend.

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Reportedly, Zymere’s mother initially claimed he slipped on a wet towel and hit his head on the toilet and floor.  This is an eerie echo of reports that child welfare went to the home as far back as Jan. 28, 2016.  They then noted Zymere had no teeth on his top gums. Perkins told case workers her son had slipped, that time, on ice.

Zamair’s heart was still beating when he was raced to local Brookdale Hospital by EMTs.  The 6-year-old, despite best efforts of medical staff, was pronounced dead at 2:35 a.m. Thursday, say police.

[Feature Photo: Family Handout]