Poop Alert! Couple uses massive manure pile to annoy neighbors

A New Brunswick, Canada, couple are accused of piling up poop on their property for almost a year to annoy a rival neighbor.

The Calgary Herald reports Lee and Shirley Murray allegedly allowed the heap to sit from November 2013 to October 2014. The pile was said to smell extremely offensive when it rained or the wind blew in the opposite direction.

It’s unclear what sparked the drawn out dispute, but the Herald reports David Gallant, who brought forth the lawsuit with wife Joan, lived close to the Murrays since 2001 after purchasing property from them. The Murrays’ land surrounds the Gallants’ on three sides.

Gallant described the manure as “unseasoned, wet, raw” and emitting a “disgusting” odor.

The National Post reports the fertilizer was removed shortly after the Gallants filed a complaint to the Farm Practices Review Board. In September 2014, Lee Murray put a bale of hay near the neighbors’ back fence so the cattle would poop and pee “as close to our house as possible,” David alleged.

The couple allegedly relentlessly bothered the Gallants. In March 2014, the Murrays supposedly used a snowblower to blow snow and rocks onto their property. Two months later, 50 cattle escaped from the Murray property, leading to extensive damage to the Gallants’ lawn and trees, according to the plaintiffs.

“I saw cow dung all over our property,” David Gallant described in his affidavit.

According to a public court details, the Joan and David filed the lawsuit in July 2015. On January 19, Court of Queen’s Bench Justice George Rideout awarded the plaintiffs $15,000 in damages and forbade the Murrays from depositing poop within 300 meters of their neighbors’ property.

Lee Murray told the Herald that they will appeal this ruling. He also described his neighbors as money hungry and making “ a big fuss over nothing.”

“The manure was piled high and a photo taken by Google (Earth) from a satellite shows it,” Justice George Rideout wrote in his decision.

He opened his decision with: “When neighbors fight, nothing good results. The case now before the court proves this adage.”