Inmates at maximum security prison take guards hostage

“Inmates have control of the building”

Inmates at a maximum security prison in Smyrna, Delaware have taken hostages – including prison guards – resulting in an hours long standoff Wednesday. All five Delaware state prisons have been placed on lockdown, but officials claim this is an isolated incident.

According to CNN, four employees of the prison are being held hostage. A fifth person was released at 2:40 P.M. ET. The hostage situation began around 10:32 A.M. in a building that held 100 inmates.

According to NY Daily News, two of the hostages were released Wednesday night.

“We’re hearing that three to five correctional officers have been taken hostage and the inmates have control of the building,” Geoff Klopp, the President of the Correctional Officers Association of Delaware.

A woman claiming to have a fiancé in the prison that is being held hostage called  The News Journal around 2pm ET. A man’s voice was then patched into the call. He claimed to be a hostage and did not know who or how many people have taken him hostage and that his face has been covered.

The hostage attempted to relay a list of demands, such as a need for better treatment, but The News Journal reported, “the demands that followed made little sense. Indeed, they sounded rather as a hodgepodge of five-dollar words meant to give the impression of a manifesto or decree. What was clear was the message the hostage takers meant involved prison reforms.”

Scroll down to listen to the call:

Police and firefighters were called to be building around 11 A.M. after reports of smoke.

The James T. Vaughn Correctional Center houses 2,500 inmates at the minimum, medium, and maximum security levels, according to their website.

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