Busted on body cam! Sticky-fingered sheriff steals $$ from DUI suspect


Body-cam video went public on Tuesday to reveal a sheriff’s deputy swiping $200 bills from a suspect’s wallet, then placing the money in his police cruiser’s trunk before arresting him for DUI.  The 33-year-old lawmaniwas then videoed putting the wallet in an evidence pouch.

FOX Q13 reports that the Florida deputy was busted on his own body camera in Ormond Beach, Florida. The Volusia County Sheriff deputy, identified as John Braman, resigned after the footage was released.

The incident came to light when criminal defense attorney, Flem Whited, asked for and viewed the body-cam video.  Whited then turned over the video to investigators, according to Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood.

Sheriff Chitwood, apparently disappointed in Brannan’s behavior, called him a “thieving idiot.”

“He represents an infinitesimal number of bad cops around the country but when this gets played in the news it makes everyone who wears the badge have to defend themselves against the actions of this idiot.”

Elected Sheriff Mike Chitwood called Braman a ‘thieving idiot’ and stated there have recently been multiple complaints about the deputy stealing money from the wallets of arrestees.

[Feature Photo: Volusia County PD]