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HORROR: Woman stabs Craigslist date and then tries to eat his heart!

“Well, I’m a serial killer”

A real-life horror story unfolded inside a Rodeo Inn motel room in Lynwood, Washington on Tuesday. A woman met a date from Craigslist, but things took a shocking twist when she stabbed him and tried to eat his heart!

According to The New York Post24-year-old Amy Caroline Brown asked her potential suitor multiple times if he was a murderer.

“Well, I’m a serial killer,” she reportedly said before jumping on him, and stabbing him multiple times with a pocket knife.

The 29-year-old man managed to escape and call for help.

When police showed up, they found the suspect in the parking lot. Court documents described her as emotionless when discussing the crime.

“She was extremely emotionless when she spoke to me about attempting to kill (the victim). At one point throughout the conversation, she was more concerned with missing work the following day than facing the possible consequences of an aggravated assault,” the officer wrote.

She planned to eat the man’s heart, court documents said.

She is being held on $1 million bail.