Jersey beauty queen arrested after alcohol-soaked house party, drunk minor

A beauty pageant winner and Jersey resident was arrested on Friday after a blow-out at her home. Police described it as an “alcohol-fueled” house party attended by minors, including claims that one minor was passed-out drunk. What else may have been going on during the “party” remains to be seen.

New York Daily News reports that a self-titled ‘fashion designer’ and former Mrs. Bergen County had surprise visitors when Franklin Lakes Police showed up after reports of a minor child passed out drunk.  Capt. John Bakelaar with the FLPD says police then found alcohol was being served.

Beauty queen Soneca Guadara, 47, was arrested on charges of maintaining a nuisance, and leaving property in custody of another where alcohol was being served to minors.

It all started when police were dispatched to investigate an “intoxicated, possibly unconscious, juvenile” near the Summit Avenue address, on Friday evening at around 7:45 p.m.  They reportedly discovered alcohol in the home along with nine juveniles.  A tenth minor was found passed out off the property. Police indicated that it was “the standard kids getting together, having alcohol thing.” It’s still unclear if Guadara was actually home when the party occurred.

Police sources said it was not clear if Guadara was home or not at the time. Ms. Guadara can be seen posing on her private Instagram account which states she hails “from Miami to the burbs of Jersey.”

[Feature Photo: Instagram]