SHOCK as football star who shot teen girlfriend dead, walks free on bond

William Gaul reportedly shot his ex-girlfriend dead through window while she slept

A former college football player who was arrested in November for reportedly shooting his girlfriend through her bedroom window while she slept, it out of jail after making $1 million bond.

New York Daily News reports that William Riley Gaul, 18, was released from the Knox County Detention Facility in Knox County, Tennessee, on Monday afternoon. He’s required to wear a GPS monitoring bracelet, which will monitor him 24/7.

According to Knox County police, on November 22, Gaul allegedly crept over to his former girlfriend’s house on Cardindale Drive home in North Knox County, with his grandfather’s gun, intent on killing the girl who broke up with him. Emma Walker, 16, was asleep in her bedroom when gunshots blasted through window. She was fatally wounded.

Gaul and Emma met at Central High School in Knoxville, Tennessee. They continued their relationship after he started college at Maryville College, where he played football as a wide receiver. In November, just a week before the shooting, Emma ended the relationship with Gaul.

The Tennessean reports that Gaul began talking about suicide after the breakup. His grandfather, James Walker, who traded vehicles with Gaul for a few days in November, noticed that the gun he kept under the driver’s seat was missing.

The indictment against Gaul stated that not only did he use his grandfather’s gun to kill Emma, but he tried to dispose of the gun afterwards. However, police had him under surveillance and tracked his whereabouts shortly after Emma’s body was found.

Gaul is facing numerous charges, including aggravated stalking, first-degree murder, tampering with evidence, and employing a firearm during a dangerous felony. His next court date is scheduled for February 13 at the Knox County courthouse.

[Feature Photo: Knox PD]