Will Anthony Weiner be charged with child pornography?

New report claims scandal-prone Anthony Weiner could be facing huge charges

Could Anthony Weiner be facing fifteen years behind bars? The Wall Street Journal reports that prosecutors are debating bringing child pornography charges against the scandal-plagued former congressman over sexually explicit messages he allegedly exchanged with a fifteen-year-old girl.

According to the report, Weiner’s lawyers have been in talk with federal prosecutors about a possible plea deal where charges of production child pornography would not be brought in exchange for a guilty plea on lesser charges.

From The Wall Street Journal:

Mr. Weiner could face the production charge, some of the people familiar with the case say, because he allegedly solicited explicit images from the teenager. Prosecutors also are weighing other charges, including receipt of child pornography, for which conviction carries a five-year mandatory minimum, and possession of child pornography, which has no mandatory minimum.

Production of child pornography carries a fifteen year mandatory minimum.

The Daily Mail exposed Weiner last fall and police ended up seizing his computer and cell phone during the probe.

Weiner found himself in the spotlight again last year when the FBI came across more emails tied to Hillary Clinton’s private email server on Weiner’s seized electronics.