6-year-old boy dies in fire, dead mother is prime suspect

The mother died shortly after firefighters responded to the blaze

A little boy has died from injuries from a fire believed to be set by his mother, CBS Dallas Forth Worth reports.

Authorities are investigating the Plano, Texas, fire, which killed the boy’s mother, as possible arson. The mother, Santhia Lakshmigari, is suspected of setting it after slitting her 6-year-old’s throat and strangling him. Lakshmigari died on Monday afternoon, the same day the fire broke out. The boy had been in critical condition with serious burns and the additional injuries.

According to CBS DFW, firefighters found fires set in every room of the home on Monday, along with a lit stove. Six-year-old Mounesh Lakshimari’s throat had reportedly been cut, and he also had a skull fracture, indicating that his mother may have tried to kill or seriously injure him prior to allegedly setting the fire. (Some news outlets are reporting that he was only 5 years old.)

Authorities were initially pessimistic that the boy would survive his injuries, but he gave them hope when he lived until Wednesday morning.

“The prognosis yesterday when he was taken to the hospital was not good. The biggest concern was if he would make it through the evening,” Plano Police spokesman David Tilley told NBC Dallas Forth Worth on Wednesday. “My understanding is that he did and that lends a lot of hopefulness for everyone. We’re hopeful he’s going to progress.”

Sadly, the boy died on Wednesday night.

A neighbor reportedly told police she was concerned about Ms. Lakshmigari’s mental health, as she had witnessed the screaming and talking to herself while ignoring her child.


Photo: Screenshot NBC