Panty-less substitute teacher does show-all cartwheel for class

Lacey Sponsler, 34-year-old substitute teacher, was presiding over choir class at Pawhuska High School in Oklahoma on Tuesday when she felt moved to perform a cartwheel in front of the class of high school students.  One ever-attentive 17-year-old recorded the event on a cell phone with the Snapchat app. The seeing eye of media is never far away in today’s cell-phone society, even in a small town 100 miles from Oklahoma City.

Although Sponsler was wearing a long dress at the time of the incident, she had neglected to put on a pair of panties that morning and her stunt led to an arrest for indecent exposure.  The police met with her on Tuesday afternoon, January 31, 2017, when she was questioned by them.  She denied doing the cartwheel, claiming she was “just dancing with the students” and “trying to be a cool teacher.” The arresting officer, who viewed the video evidence, also noticed she “was not wearing any type of underwear.”

The teenage complainant provided even more information in an affidavit for police in which the student claimed to have seen Sponsler’s “vagina open and close, as her legs were in the air.”  This same teen told officers that the teacher “had been talking about using drugs” and expressed her sentiment that she “thought fourteen year old boys were like men.”

The substitute teacher remained in police custody overnight.

[Featured Photo: Oklahoma City PD]