Potential plea deal for one of the men accused of killing Tennesee student, Holly Bobo

On Wednesday, an attorney for one of the three men accused of killing Tennessee nursing student, Holly Bobo, in 2011, confirmed the possibility of a plea deal.

FOX News reports that Michael Scholl, attorney for defendant Jason Autry, told the court that he’s considering a a plea agreement for his client. The lawyer stated that he called the judge presiding over the case, Judge C. Creed McGinley, and asked him the proper steps to take to getting a plea agreement approved.

Autry is accused of kidnapping, killing, and raping,  Bobo. She was abducted from her home in Darden, Tennessee, on April 13, 2011. In September 2014, her skull was found in Decatur County, Tennessee. Along with Autry, two brothers, Zachary Adams and John Dylan Adams, were also charged for her kidnap, rape, and murder.

In 2014, Shayne Austin, a man with supposed ties to the Bobo case, was promised immunity if he led authorities to incriminating evidence in the case. When Austin failed to provide substantial information, his immunity was revoked. In 2015, Austin hanged himself inside a Florida hotel room.

Zachary Adams’ trial is set for April 3. If convicted, he faces the death penalty. John Dylan Adams’ trial is scheduled to start shortly after; an exact date hasn’t been provided. If Autry doesn’t get a plea deal, his trial will likely not start until July, as his lawyer got started late on his case.

[Feature Photo: Papsons PD]