Shooter on the loose in Texas!

Police are searching for a suspect they say started randomly shooting on an east Houston, Texas, interstate early Thursday, nearly wounding a man driving his pickup.

According to the Houston Chronicle, the incident occurred at 4:30 am on the East Freeway as Tony Brannon was heading off the I-10 interchange. The victim told investigators that a black car drove to the side of him and fired several shots before fleeing.

“I thought was going to die, obviously,” Brannon said.

Lt. Larry Crowson of the Houston Police Department (HPD) claimed the bullets shattered windows and left holes in the truck’s door.

Shaken by the event, Brannon claimed he got off the freeway and got to a gas station where he called the police. The driver only suffered minor cuts from the glass but is expected to be okay.

Brannon told KTRK-TV that he doesn’t believe he cut the suspect off, as he didn’t honk at him and no confrontation took place. He also claimed he was en route to work and drinking coffee when mayhem ensued.

The victim claimed the assailant was driving a dark-colored sports car, possibly a Charger. However, he couldn’t provide a description of the shooter besides that they’re a man.

HPD is currently investigating the case.

[Feature Photo ABC 13]