Til’ death do us part: Ex-husband stabs former wife dead

A 34-year-old man, William Jessie Seal, in Princeton, West Virginia is now facing up to 40 years in prison following a guilty conviction on Wednesday in the 2015 death of his ex-wife Ashley Seal, 26, the CBS News reports.

Just four hours after Ashley reportedly married another man, Douglass Martin, on June 15, 2015, she returned to the apartment home on 108 Highland Avenue that she once shared with William, to “pick up a few belongings,” according to relatives.

When she arrived, an argument broke out and William reportedly fatally stabbed Ashley 86 times in the “heart, liver, stomach, spleen, both lungs, and pancreas.”

Martin lived in the same building and made his way to Williams’ apartment, where he discovered his wife’s bloodied body.

He called 911 but by the time emergency responders arrived at the scene, Ashley was dead.

When responding officers with the Princeton Police Department arrived at the scene, William claimed that she attacked him with a knife and he had no choice but to defend himself.

During the incident, he suffered a stab wound to the stomach, which backed up his claim.

However, he was found guilty of second-degree murder on Wednesday afternoon at the Mercer County courthouse.

A Mercer County Prosecuting Attorney, George Sitler, stated that there was no evidence of Ashley attacking William, adding that the “killing was pre-meditated, deliberate, and malicious.”

In an earlier testimony, it was indicated that William made threats to kill his ex-wife and her new husband, an alleged sex offender.

A jury deliberated for less than an hour before reaching a guilty verdict.

A pre-sentencing hearing will be held on April 3.

[Feature Photo: West Virginia Regional Jail]