Man sentenced to 38 years in prison for drowning 3-month-old son

On Friday, a judge sentenced a Milwaukee, Wisconsin, man to 38 years in prison for drowning his infant son in a lake following an argument with the boy’s mother.

Sean Flowers, 25, (pictured left) drowned Sean Flowers III, known to family as “Baby Sean,” (pictured right) in a man-made lake on July 30, 2016. Prosecutor Matthew Torbenson claimed he killed Baby Sean after a dispute with the child’s mother about how she was dancing with other women at a family party, WTMJ-TV reported.

Flowers punched his sister in the face as he headed into the lake with Baby Sean. Multiple family members begged the 25-year-old to give the 3-month-old back during the chaos.

A charging document alleged a witness heard the father say “Abraham killed his son Isaac. Jesus will forgive me” as another witness searched the water for Baby Sean’s body. Despite efforts to revive him, the infant was pronounced dead on the scene.

Torbenson called the act “conscious [and] deliberate” while Judge Jeffrey Wagner described it as “senseless [and] mindless.”

The 25-year-old reportedly had a history of domestic violence with Marilyn Brown, the mother of his two children.

Tom Austin, the baby’s great uncle, told the station: “It’s heartbreaking because they’ve been going through things for quite some time — fighting and everything, and she was just tired of it. He got mad.”

Following her son’s death, Brown had the following message.

“To all you women out there that’s dealing with that, it would be nice for you to start using your brain and get out of it, because I don’t want any one of you to be in the situation that I’m in today, because I refused to leave somebody that I loved, so just be aware and alert everyone, and be strong and don’t think that times won’t get better because you can find someone else that’s better.”

Flowers originally pleaded not guilty to first-degree intentional homicide in August. However, he changed his plea in December, when charges were reduced to first degree reckless homicide, according to WISN.

WDJT reports Flowers is sentenced to 50 years. However, 12 of those years will be spent in extended supervision.

“I destroyed not only our son’s life, but the lives of our daughters as well. And he didn’t deserve this. He suffered by me. I’m truly sorry for all the pain and hurt that I’ve caused,” Flowers said to the court before sentencing.

Flowers’ mother, Tamara Flowers, told WDJT that she lost a son and grandson.

“He made a mistake, and now he has to pay the consequences. I wish Marilyn’s family well. And I’ll continue to pray for her and pray for her family,” Tamara said after the ruling.

“You were a person that was supposed to keep that child out of harm’s way,” Judge Wagner commented. “Instead, you brought harm to that child, and you brought a significant, overwhelming legacy of sadness to the loved ones of that child.”

Vigil for Sean Flowers III

A vigil planned in memory of a three-month-old boy killed over the weekend. FOX6's Deandra Corinthios has the details:

Posted by FOX6 News Milwaukee on Wednesday, August 3, 2016

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