Police: Texas mom tries to drown her three kids in bathtub

“You’re going to see God”

A Houston “mom” is accused of duct taping her three children’s mouth and trying to drown them in the bathtub.

Click 2 Houston reports that Joshlyn Guy, 26, was charged with felony child endangerment after her 6-year-old relived an October 2016 incident where his mother tied his hands and taped his mouth shut before telling him he was going to die. Guy reportedly did the same thing to her two children, ages 7 and 5.

The suspect’s 7-year-old daughter backed up her younger sibling’s claims. She said that her mom put her hands over her 5-year-old sister’s face and held her underwater in a bathtub. The children’s aunt caught Guy in the act and grabbed the little girl out of the water. While holding the 5-year-old, the aunt told the other two children, who both had their hands tied and duct tape over their mouths, ran outside and get help.

The aunt turned out to be family friend, Latosha Ford, who the kids refer to affectionately as “Auntie Brownie.” According to Ford, she walked in and saw Guy holding the youngest child down. The little girl was “submerged in the bathtub which was full of water.”

When Child Protective Services got involved, Guy told them that she was outside smoking a cigarette when she got an overwhelming feeling of being “evil and different.” She claimed she couldn’t remember duct-taping her kids, tying them up or trying to drown them, but she also said that there was a “possibility”  that she could have.

Court documents indicate that Guy has previous charges for drugs and prostitution.

[Feature Photo: Houston PD]