Evil grandma dressed as a witch, abused granddaughter

An Oklahoma City grandmother would routinely dress up as a witch to torment and abuse her 7-year-old granddaughter.

Geneva Robinson, 51, (pictured) would turn into “Nelda,” a persona she adopted while hitting the girl with a rolling pin, cutting her hair while she slept, and scratching her on the neck, according to KRMG.

“Robinson was not jokingly or playfully dressing as a witch to play with the children, but, in fact, believes herself to be a witch and carries out torturous or detrimental actions while dressed as Nelda,” Oklahoma County prosecutors said, according to Tulsa World.

Robinson pleaded guilty to five felony counts of child abuse on Thursday, according to The Oklahoman.

Prosecutors alleged the abuse occurred between June and September 2014.

The Associated Press reported that police got involved after the malnourished girl was taken to the hospital and told authorities about Nelda. The victim had several bruises and burns on her body  — along with infected cuts around her ankles from “possibly being bound,” a police report detailed.

The 7-year-old later told Department of Human Services (DHS) officials that Robinson would wear a green mask, tie her wrists, and make her sleep on a pair of pants in the garage when “she was in trouble.”

Robinson told hospital employees she couldn’t control her granddaughter anymore.

Robinson’s boyfriend, Joshua Granger, told KFOR in 2014 that the 7-year-old was “troubled” and his girlfriend was innocent. Granger also pleaded guilty to one count of felony child abuse for “causing mental injury.” Prosecutors claimed Granger would also participate in the abuse — calling himself “Coogo” and dressing in costume to terrify the child.

“The defendants would regularly wear scary costumes to scare the children — defendant Robinson in a witch costume and defendant Granger in what can best be described as some kind of demon costume,” Assistant District Attorney Merydith Easter wrote in a court document obtained by The Oklahoman.

The girl went to live with the 51-year-old after her parents split up. According to prosecutors, the child’s father believed Robinson no longer became Nelda and was taking medication.

Robinson and Granger will be sentenced on Mar. 28. They face life in prison.

[Feature Photo: Oklahoma City Police Department]