Kala Brown held captive for months by serial killer who murdered boyfriend

Brown was found chained up inside a storage container

The woman who survived a terrifying ordeal in the captivity of a serial killer who murdered her boyfriend will speak out for the first time on an upcoming episode of Dr. Phil. 

Kayla Brown and her boyfriend Charles Carver had gone to Todd Kohlhepp’s property in rural North Carolina on August 31 for what they thought was a cleaning job. But Kohlhepp, a registered sex offender, met them with gun and took them hostage, according to a CBS News report. Not long after their arrival, Kohlhepp reportedly shot and killed Carver in front of his girlfriend. He kept Brown “chained like a dog” inside a security container on the property for two months, occasionally letting her out for walks and feeding her once a day.

Investigators searching for Brown and Carver traced a cell phone ping to the 100-acre property, and later obtained a search warrant. Once on the property, deputies reportedly heard Brown banging on the storage container and were able to rescue her. A subsequent investigation found Carver’s and more bodies on the property; Kohlhepp has since confessed to killing seven people.

Brown’s upcoming Dr. Phil appearance is her first media interview since being rescued. “No matter what he did to me, he did not break me,” Brown tells Dr. Phil in a preview of the two-part episode which debuts on February 13. “He cannot destroy me and I won.”


Photo: “Finding Kala and Charlie” Facebook page