Kentucky man drives for miles with body trapped in windshield

A pedestrian hit by a car driver in Covington, Kentucky, was caught in the windshield for at least three miles as a driver sped down the highway, police confirm.

FOX 19 Now reports that Sigmund Sugarman, a witness to the incident, was pumping gas at a local gas station close to Interstate 71/75 when he saw a car drive by him with a man hanging out of the window.

“I thought it was a prank because there was this body hanging out of the window,” Sugarman told FOX 19.

The driver pulled into the gas station, and according to Sugarman, he got out of his car, and started shaking as he made his way inside the gas station. The cashier immediately called 911, while Sugarman took out his cellphone and began filming. During the video, the driver is heard explaining why a deceased pedestrian was hanging out of his windshield.

“This guy was just walking across the interstate and I swerved to miss him and……”

Covington officers closed down the highway close to the Kyles Lane area to investigate. So far, evidence indicates that the incident was accidental. The victim’s leg was recovered in the road. No charges have been filed at this time. The name of the driver and the pedestrian have not been released.

“The poor guy,” Sugarman said, reflecting on the driver. “I felt sorry for him. He’s driving along and he hits this man and he drives – I guess from Kyles Lane all the way down to 5th Street – with this guy half in and half out of his car. This is one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen.”

Anyone with any information about the incident should call the Covington police at 859-292-2252.