LISTEN: Little girl calls 911: drunk dad is ‘driving really fastly’

In an unsettling 911 call, a terrified 9-year-old girl claimed she is in the car with her father who is driving drunk and erratically.

WJAX reported the girl’s younger sister was also in the vehicle at the time. The child supposedly called 911 Sunday afternoon because her father, Wesley Burgner, 36, was “driving really fastly” and feared they would crash.

“I know my dad is drunk and he’s the only one driving and I think I am going to get into a wreck,” the 9-year-old told a dispatcher.

Authorities alleged Burgner took the children on an impromptu trip from Atlanta, Georgia, to their grandparents’ house on St. Simons Island. The 36-year-old is accused of drinking alcohol while en route, according to EMS1.

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“I don’t know where I am right now, daddy stop the firggin’ car. Stop the car, pull over somewhere,” she is heard begging during the 17-minute call.

The dispatcher reportedly had difficulty getting the girl’s location because she was so distraught. However, she was later able to provide her grandparents’ address, allowing police, who described Burgner as “visibly intoxicated,” to meet them at the residence.

“Wesley had slurred, slowed speech, had trouble standing, had trouble formulating sentences, stumbled when he walked and smelled of an alcoholic beverage,” a police report obtained by ABC News said. “Wesley admitted he had been driving.”

According to KABC, Burgner’s daughter alleged he “hacked” the car breathalyzer in order to drive.

Burgner was arrested after he stopped at his mother’s home. He is facing several charges, including driving while under the influence, two counts of endangering a child, and driving with a suspended license. His bond was set at $6,070.

[Feature Photo: Glynn County Detention Center]