Masked man enters Michigan police station with loaded rifle, streams confrontation on Facebook Live

The man ignored police officers’ repeated warnings to drop the gun

Two men put Michigan’s open-carry law to the test when they stormed a local police precinct carrying loaded guns.

The Dearborn, Michigan, men recorded the incident and broadcast it on Facebook Live, claiming at the beginning of the video that they were there to file a complaint after being illegally pulled over earlier that day.

“We felt a little afraid for our lives when we were pulled over, so we figured we better protect ourselves,” one of the men says in the video.

One of the men wore a black mask covering his face and carried a loaded rifle in position. He also appeared to have been carrying a sidearm. Officers inside the police station immediately ordered the man to drop his weapon — but he did not immediately comply.

“Put it on the ground or you are dead,” an officer can be heard saying. “I will shoot you.”

The men repeatedly insist that they aren’t doing anything illegal and the unarmed man shouts at one of the officers to “stop pointing your *$&#&#@ gun at me.” Fortunately for the men, the officers ultimately did not deliver on their warnings to fire at them.

According to Michigan Live, the man who posted the video on Facebook is James V. Baker, an open carry advocate who organized the group Hell’s Saints to educate the public about their constitutional right to bear arms.