Video captures man dumping newborn puppies into trash can

A Washington man who reportedly dumped three newborn Chihuahuas in a car wash trash can about a week ago was identified on Friday.

The man has been identified as Vatentin Patricio, 33, from Kennewick. Police used surveillance footage from the car wash to name the man.

Patricio has been cited with three counts of animal cruelty but the man isn’t in custody, according to KEPR. A court date has not been set yet.

The animal shelter said that Patricio had to bring in the puppies’ mother and the one other puppy that the man kept. Both dogs will be held at the animal shelter until Patricio’s court date.

Prosecutors plan to request to increase the charges to a felony.

CimeOnline recently reported another case of abuse to a puppy. An Oregon woman was recently charged with charged with aggravated animal abuse and theft after she stole her neighbor’s puppy and strangled it to death.

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The woman, Meagan Lafferty, 43, was homeless after a house fire destroyed her home, and a young couple with a puppy and a baby invited her to stay with them for the time being.

The woman allegedly picked up the puppy and attempted to walk away with it. The couple tried to stop Lafferty, but claimed the she was God and was “here to end its misery.”

Lafferty then strangled the Pyrenees/Labrador mix puppy to death. When authorities arrived on the scene, they had to pry the woman’s fingers from around the puppy’s neck because she was squeezing it so tightly.

Another neighbor said that the young couple had not returned home after the incident because they were so shaken. The neighbor said that when the couple took the woman into their home, “they had no idea what they were getting into.”

[Feature Photo: KEPR Screenshot]