Student gets suspended after reporting star athlete sexually assaulted her

A Michigan teenager, allegedly sexually assaulted by a boy described as an “all-star athlete,” was expelled from school after reporting the incident, according to a federal lawsuit.

WXYZ reports that a teen girl, 15, who attended Cousino High School in Warren, Michigan, was reportedly assaulted in the school parking lot by a male student, 18. The victim was a freshman at the high school when the alleged incident occurred. According to a lawsuit filed by Salvatore Prescott & Porter, the victim immediately reported the incident, but didn’t get the outcome she expected. She was expelled from the school shortly after, while the suspect continued on with his education and sports activities.

The lawsuit claims that on May 15, 2015, the male student asked the victim if she’d like to go to his car. The girl agreed.  While it started off as consensual sexual activity, the girl reportedly told the suspect to stop. That lawsuit alleged that the suspect refused, and instead, pushed the victim’s head into his groin area.

“Jane Doe started to comply with John Roe’s demand, but then told him it was ‘gross’ and that she wanted to stop. John Roe said, ‘oh well,’ and then he forcibly pushed Jane Doe’s head down toward his lap and forced her mouth onto his penis.”

According to the lawsuit, the school’s assistant principal brought the teen girl in for questioning a few days later. When she explained her side of the story, the assistant principal allegedly “responded by criticizing Jane Doe’s clothing, intimating that Jane Doe invited unwanted sexual attention because of the way she was dressed.” The lawsuit also alleges that the victim wasn’t allowed to consult with her parents before school officials questioned her.

Officials questioned the male student, who claimed that the act was consensual. On June 29, 2015, the school expelled the teen girl, on the basis that she made false accusations. The girl admitted that she talked to the suspect and falsely assured him that she hadn’t said anything to school officials. However, the lawsuit indicates that she was afraid that the popular athlete would start spreading rumors about her if she told him the truth.

Since the incident, the 15-year-old has changed schools, missed class credits, and enrolled in ongoing counseling.

The case is still ongoing. Check back for updated details as they become available.