Accused child predator with shrine of kids’ underwear says he’s ‘not evil’

“I’m just scared to death!”

A Pennsylvania man, accused of having over 1,000 photos of nude children in his home, and dozens of pairs of kids’ underwear hanging over his bed, claims that he’s completely normal.

Lehigh Valley High reports that William Charles Thomas, 58, of Morrisville, Pennsylvania, is accused of sexually assaulting children over the course of 40 years. He’s also accused of collecting “trophy” evidence from numerous children, including photos, vulgar messages written into plywood, and numerous pairs of children’s underwear that were reportedly found hanging above his bed.

Thomas appeared in court on Tuesday, where he appeared visibly shaken by his experience so far behind bars. Although he previously admitted that he’s attracted to young children, he claimed that he wasn’t “evil” and that he’s just a normal guy, as anyone else.

“I just need somebody to believe that I’m not the evil, disgusting person that people are making me out to be.”

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Thomas, who refused to enter a plea on Tuesday, has been jailed since Friday, after police found an overwhelming amount of incriminating evidence in his trailer home. He doesn’t have an attorney, and claimed that he’s “scared to death.” People jailed for child-related crimes are generally targeted within jails and prisons by other inmates.

“There’s no guard that’s going to help me here. I’m getting treated very awfully and I’m just scared to death. I never inflicted any kind of pain that I’m receiving right now on a kid, never inflicted any pain on a child, nor would I want to.”

District Judge Jan Vislosky set Thomas bond at $750,000. He’s facing a number of charges, including charges of possessing and disseminating child pornography.

[Feature Photo: Bucks County PD/Handout]