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TORTURE?! How a police department used Justin Bieber to stop drunk drivers on Super Bowl Sunday

A Minnesota police department used a T-Mobile Super Bowl commercial starring Justin Bieber to warn against drunk driving.

The Wyoming, Minnesota police department sent out a tweet on Sunday night that said anyone who was caught drunk driving would have to watch the commercial, starring Justin Bieber’s dance moves, all the way to jail.

The ad features Bieber as a “celebration expert,” giving a lesson on how end zone celebration dances have evolved since the cavemen’s first high-five. The caveman was actually New England Patriot’s tight end, Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski, who spiked the ball when Bieber threw it to him.

Bieber goes on to explain that first there was the shimmy, then came the shake, and then the shimmy shimmy shake. Next came TO, “who took it to the next level.” TO is actually NFL star Terrell Owens, and he showed off some of his signature moves to the camera.

The Wyoming police department poked fun at the silly commercial, hoping that the fear of having to watch Justin Bieber do the “shimmity sham sham shimmity shake” over and over again on their way to jail would sway people from drunk driving.

The department’s tweet ended up reaching a large audience who loved it. The tweet received over 10,000 retweets and more than 17,000 likes. People replied to the tweet in good fun with one asking if that punishment was prohibited by the Geneva Convention, and another asking if it was considered cruel and unusual punishment.

The department later sent out another tweet to thank everyone who responded on Twitter and shared the warning about drunk driving. Wyoming Police Chief Paul Hoppe said that the tweet’s humor was meant to grab the attention of those who may decide to drink and drive that night.

“It gets people to actually stop and read the message.”

No arrests were made in the 7,900-person town for drunk driving on the night of Super Bowl Sunday.

[Feature Photo: YouTube/JustinBieberVevo]