Cave-bound kidnapper wanted to ‘brainwash’ ex into marrying him

A caller to Las Vegas Police on January 30, 2017, reported from his residence complex that a woman was seen being dragged from her apartment, wearing only undergarments.  The witness noted that she was placed into a van with Texas license plates.

About 12 hours later, New Mexico state police stopped a van matching the description near Espanola, more than 650 miles away from the place of the woman’s abduction.  As state police approached the van, the sound of screaming was heard coming from the inside.

In the back of the van was 28-year-old Jane Priebe, who was handcuffed and bound with chains. And terrified.  The drivers of the van, Jack Morgan, 31, and Samuel Brown, 19, were both arrested and taken into custody.

As police pieced the case together, back at Priebe’s apartment they discovered an electronic stun gun and a knife hear her front door.  Witnesses also told police that the abductor seemed to match the description of the woman’s ex-boyfriend, Jack Morgan.  When police talked to the victim’s father, they learned that Priebe had indeed dated Morgan in college and the relationship had been violent.

When Priebe was interviewed after her rescue, she recounted her nightmare experience, which included a full roll of duct tape wrapped around her neck and across her face and hair, being choked and left unconscious and attempts to hogtie her.

Perhaps motivated by unrequited love, Morgan’s plan was to take the ex-girlfriend to a cave where she was going to be “chained to an anchor inside where Jack W. Morgan was going to brainwash me to be his wife,” according to police reports.   The couple had reconnected a week before the abduction when they met for coffee.

Morgan, of Arlington, Texas, and Brown, of Phoenix City, Alabama, are both charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment and conspiracy. The FBI has taken over the investigation.

[Feature Photo: Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office]