Missing Chase Massner: Taking your calls

The mystery of Iraq war veteran Chase Massner is the hottest topic on Crime Online’s podcast call-in line. Listeners of “Crime Stories with Nancy Grace” have been raising good questions about the investigation.

Massner was 26 when he disappeared after spending the night at a friend’s home in Kennesaw, Georgia, following a marital dispute with his wife on March 27, 2014. Several massive searches over the following months failed to find a trace of the father of two young girls.

Nancy Grace interviewed Chase’s mother, Stephanie Cadena, last month. Grace now follows up with Crime Online editor Leigh Egan, who is our prime reporter covering Massner’s story. Egan offers new information about the case, which Cobb County, Georgia, police insist they are still pursuing.

ORIGINAL Story: Where is Chase Massner? Veteran disappears, family frantic for answers

Grace and Egan answer caller questions in this episode. You can leave questions and comments for Nancy on this or any case at 909-49-CRIME.

[Feature Photo: Team Chase]