Felix Perez

Good luck with that: Burglar shot by cops in butt sues for $10 million

A burglar with numerous arrests under his belt is suing for $10 million after he was shot in the butt while escaping a crime scene in Queens, New York.

Felix Perez, 38, was arrested six times for burglary prior to his most recent attempt to steal from a home in Queens in August, as reported by the New York Post.

The resident was at home when she saw a man walking through her child’s bedroom on a surveillance video feed on her phone. She immediately called 911.

A neighbor across the street captured the entire scene on video. The woman is seen pacing on the street outside of her house, while police search the premises and surround the home. At one point, the woman rushes into the house amid the altercation and exits a few minutes later with her dog.

The neighbor is heard in the video saying that all of the officers had their guns out and, seconds later, a weapon is fired, followed by Perez running out of the home into the street. He was arrested a block away for reportedly stealing rings, watches, earrings, and a chain from the house.

Now at Rikers Island, Perez claims that he can no longer sleep because of his experience.

In a Manhattan Federal Court lawsuit, in which he represents himself, Perez insists that he has post-traumatic stress disorder, and experiences “nightmares of being killed by officers and fear of anyone in uniform.”

Perez claims that he did not give any indication during the confrontation that he was armed or intended to harm any of the officers.

“I was shot by an officer of the 104th Precinct while trying to flee the scene of a burglary. I was unarmed and showed no intention of harming anyone nor did I make any hand gestures indicating that I was armed or dangerous.”

Authorities say that Perez was shot during a physical struggle with officers on the scene.

The burglar claims that the bullet “barely missed my femural [sic] artery, urethra and rectum” is lodged in his rear end.

Perez has a court date in Queens Criminal Court set for next week.

[Feature Image: NY State Department of Corrections]