The truth comes out? Did Virginia Tech student murder 13-year-old over pregnancy scare?

A Virginia Tech student accused of killing a 13-year-old girl last year may have committed the crime because he thought she was pregnant, according to court documents.

WDBJ reports that court documents filed at the Montgomery County, Virginia, courthouse this week revealed the possible reason that David Eisenhauer, 19, killed Nicole Lovell, 13. Nicole was found at the North Carolina state line in January 2016, lifeless with no clothes on. She had stab wounds all over her body and her throat was slit.

Natalie Marie Keepers, 20, also a former Virginia Tech student, was charged as an accomplice to the murder. According to a statement Keepers gave to police, Eisenhauer may have “hooked up” with Nicole at a party, but he was too drunk to remember, but nonetheless, still afraid that he may have accidentally gotten her pregnant. He reportedly claimed that the 13-year-old threatened to kill herself if he stopped talking to her.

Keepers’ lawyers are pushing to throw out her statement to police. They claimed that Keepers gave the statement without being told she had the right to remain silent.

Numerous online readers questioned how a 13-year-old ended up meeting a 19-year-old college student. Apparently, a social media app, Kik, connected Nicole to Eisenhauer. According to Nicole’s mother, Tammy Weeks, the young teen was constantly supervised, at least on surface. When Nicole was on her phone, she accessed Kik without her mom’s knowledge.

After Nicole went missing, the FBI put in an emergency request to Kik, to gain access to Nicole’s account. The girl had been chatting with someone with the username, “Dr_Tombstone,” which turned out to be Eisenhauer, an engineering student at Virginia Tech with a stellar grade point average. Former classmate Dorothy Callahan told 48 Hours that Eisenhauer would’ve been the last person she suspected of murder.

Posted by Nicole Lovell on Monday, February 6, 2017

“He was a very celebrated student, he always had straight A’s. And he was sort of cocky, and he was like, ‘Yeah I’m David Eisenhauer, I was just on the local news. I’m a big deal.’”

Court documents indicate that Eisenhauer allegedly lured Nicole into the woods on January 26. Nicole likely thought she was simply getting a chance to spend quality time with the boy she had a crush on. As they got close to Craig Creek Road in Montgomery County, Eisenhauer allegedly began stabbing her to death. Afterwards, Keepers reportedly helped Eisenhauer move the girl’s body to Surry County, North Carolina.

Tammy Weeks said her daughter still slept in the room with her at night and carried a blue cartoon blanket around.

“It’s just been a nightmare … I still hope that she would come around the corner when she gets off the bus … or she’ll come out of her room.”

Eisenhauer is charged with kidnapping, concealing a body, and first-degree murder. Keepers is charged with concealment and being an accessory before the fact.

[Feature Photo: Handout & Montgomery County PD]