Officer’s adorable pics with K-9 pup goes viral

Indiana Conservation Officer Levi Knach had no idea that pics crime-fighting pup would end up making them both a viral sensation.

KMBC reports that the Indiana State Parks Department shared pictures of Knach, along with his K-9 partner Kenobi, on Facebook last week. The candid shots were so adorable that the photos were “liked” over 5,000 times and shared with others over 2,000 times. What sets the photos apart is Kenobi’s spontaneous licks, splashed freely onto Knach’s face. The officer attempted to keep a straight face, but broke out into a smile as his pup lavished him with licks. In another shot, the adorable pup put his head on Knach’s shoulder.

Knach and Kenobi work in the northeastern area of Indiana, for the DNR Law Enforcement District 2. Although Kenobi’s playful personality shined through on the photos, the Facebook post indicated that the chocolate lab is all about business while on the job.

“He is a trained, working officer and can track people and locate a variety of objects ranging from venison to ginseng. We are grateful for the work that our ICOs do all over the state to protect and serve people and to conserve our fish and wildlife resources.”

[Feature Photo: Facebook]