Grandmother seeks custody of Heather Mack’s baby, living in prison with mom

The paternal grandmother of Heather Mack’s daughter wants the toddler living with her in Illinois instead of in a Bali prison.

Mack, 21, and boyfriend Tommy Schaefer, 23, are serving ten and 18-year sentences, respectively. The pair were convicted of the 2014 murder of Heather’s mother, Sheila von Wiese-Mack, 62, who was stuffed into a suitcase, according to The Daily Mail.

YouTube videos made public last week purportedly showed Heather admitting she solely killed her mother out of revenge. According to the Chicago Tribune, she was pushed to kill after finding out Sheila murdered her father, famous composer James L. Mack during a vacation in Athens, Greece.

However, the 21-year-old allegedly recanted her comments, alleging that her boyfriend wrote a script and forced her to read it on camera.

Stella Schaefer was born in Indonesia on March 17, 2015, while the couple was on trial. Despite their conviction, Heather is allowed to care for her daughter until she turns two—which is next month, the Tribune reported.

“I want to be a part of her life. I think it is important that she knows me, and I also think it is important that she has the opportunity for a great education, therapy and the opportunity to be in the lives of other family members,” Tia Walker, the child’s grandmother and Tommy’s mother, told WLS.

The Associated Press reported Walker, 44, of Forest Park, Illinois, filed for guardianship on Thursday. Her request will be heard this week in court.

The grandmother claimed her son wants her to raise the child while Heather wants her daughter to stay in Bali. Despite Walker’s petition, it is rumored a local couple might care for the toddler. Stella’s fate might be up to an Indonesian court.

“My granddaughter deserves an equal opportunity to a better start at life, and she deserves to know her grandmother,” Walker stated in a phone interview with the Tribune. “I believe it is in her best interest that she’s brought back to America.”

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