Shock, Disgust: 5-year-old tot found chewing used condom on kindergarten playground

Imagine the shock and disgust when a Florida elementary school homeroom teacher spots a tot-boy chewing something on the kindergarten playground while the other children played, unsuspecting, all around him.  Upon closer inspection, the teacher discovered that “something” was actually a USED CONDOM.

The quick thinking St. Lucie Elementary School teacher immediately removed the condom from the boy’s mouth and police were called in response to a “suspicious incident,” reports Metro.  The tot was promptly taken to Lawnwood Regional Medical Center for observation. The incident occurred at around 3:45 p.m. on Wednesday.

“A Florida teacher was shocked to find a 5-year-old boy chewing on a used condom on the playground,” police said.

Officers are now increasing their patrols in the area and are on alert for people lurking near the school, according to the local police public information officer, Ed Cunningham.

School security says this was not the first time similar items have been removed from the school grounds, according to the police report.  Is the playground a known spot for illicit and/or illegal activity ending just before the kindergartners come out to play the following morning?

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