Another Ethan Couch? Texas drunk driver kills violinist, gets only 120 days in jail

Two years ago, a convicted drunk driver hit and killed a woman as she was leaving a park in Dallas, Texas. On Monday, he was sentenced to serve 120 days in jail.

WFAA reports that Emily Javadi, 34, a popular violinist, was packing her workout belongings in her car after a fitness session at Cole Park in Uptown Dallas, in February 2015, when she tragically lost her life. Before she could get into her car, a drunk driver, Travis Elwell, 23, crashed his BMW directly into her. Elwell rear-ended Javadi as she was reaching into the backseat of her Lexus. The impact sent her flying into a metal pole. She was rushed to the hospital, but doctors couldn’t save her.

During court on Monday, Elwell learned that his punishment for taking the life of another person would be 120 days behind bars. Similar to “affluenza teen” Ethan Couch, Elwell was also sentenced to 10 years probation and was prohibited from drinking or being around alcohol. He must also join Alcoholics Anonymous and seek counseling.

Since Javadi’s death, the city of Dallas made plans to convert the area where the violinist was killed into a two-way street, to help prevent additional accidents.

Meanwhile, family and friends remember Javadi and a loving and brilliant person who was not only a talented violinist, but an excellent baker as well. Her family set up the Emily Javadi Foundation in her honor, an organization that “supports the arts, health & fitness, and entrepreneurship.” The foundation has already made numerous contributions and formed scholarships for created a scholarships with the Big Brothers Big Sisters group, and the University of North Texas’ College of Business Entrepreneurship Program.

[Feature Photo: Facebook & Dallas PD]