Girl, 11, dies in hospital after she was shot in Chicago

Chicago gang violence is out of control

One of the two young girls shot this week in Chicago by stray bullets, has died.

ABC 7 reports that Takiya Holmes, 11, was taken off life support on Tuesday morning. Since Sunday, the little girl has remained unresponsive after she was shot in the head. The bullet wasn’t intended for her. According to police, Takiya was sitting in a minivan with her family when an alleged gang member began shooting at someone else. One of the bullets struck Takiya directly in the side of the head. The incident occurred in the Parkway Gardens neighborhood, an area known for gang violence.

Patricia Holmes, Takiya’s grandmother, said that the family decided to donate Takiya’s organs to science.

“She’s going to be a donor. They made the decision to give her organs…That’s the kind of person Takiya was.”

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Earlier that day, in a different gang-infested area of Chicago, another little girl was shot in the head. Kanari Gentry-Bowers, 12, was hit by a stray bullet while playing at local school’s playground. She’s fighting for her life at Stroger Hospital. Neighbor and parent, Faith Marshall, told reporters that she never lets her son play in the area because the gang violence is out control.

“I don’t allow him to be outside here other than recess at school. I don’t allow him to be out here because of the danger in the community.”

The families of both girls are demanding action for the injustice. They gathered together on Tuesday and pleaded for the violence in the community to end. A vigil was held on Tuesday evening on South King Drive.

The suspects involved in the shootings are still on the loose. Authorities are offering a $2,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest of the person(s) who killed Takiya.

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