Pet Squirrel thwarts burglary!

Squirrels may not be the most common security choice for a home, but an Idaho man’s pet squirrel rivaled guard dogs when he helped stop on a robbery in Idaho on Monday.

The New York Post reports that Adam Pearl, of Meridian, spotted snow prints in his backyard on Monday afternoon. It appeared as if someone was trying to get in his home, he explained, and his suspicions were confirmed when he saw scratch marks around on his gun safe.

“I started looking at it and saw the scratches that are around the locking area and at that point I knew somebody was definitely in here messing around.”

He called the police, and when an Officer Turner with the Meridian police arrived, she was surprised to see a squirrel scurrying about.

“She says, ‘Whoa, what was that,’ and I said, ‘Ahhh don’t worry about that, that’s just Joey, my pet squirrel, you know,” Peral explained.

Turner asked if Joey would bite. Pearl told her that being a squirrel, he wasn’t against biting a stranger, and from there, the officer was able to piece together what happened. Officer Turner returned to Pearl’s home several hours later with a number of stolen belongings and unbelievable news.

“She said while she was questioning the individual he had scratches on his hands so she asked him ‘did you get that from the squirrel’ and he says yeah, damn thing kept attacking me and wouldn’t stop until I left,” said Pearl.

Joey the squirrel is the town’s new robbery-stopping hero. The suspect who reportedly attempted to rob Pearl is behind bars.

Pearl said that Joey was a “pain in the butt,” but he couldn’t ask for a better pet to have around.