Oreo Killer: Airman murders woman and steals her Oreos before fleeing scene

On Thursday, in a military court room at Offutt Air Force Base, a man sat silent while prosecutors presented incriminating evidence against him, including his own journal, where he reportedly detailed how he killed a fellow airman last last July.

The Omaha World-Herald reports that Timothy Wilsey, 20, a former member a member of the 5th Intelligence Support Squadron, is accused of killing Rhianda Dillard, 20, by smothering her to death while they sat and watched a television show on a laptop in her dorm room. Wilsey reportedly counted to three before wrapping his arm around her shoulder and placing her in a headlock. He then switched arms and choked her death.

According to court documents, Wilsey killed Dillard simply for the thrill of it. He chose her as a victim because he thought she didn’t have many friends or ties at Ofutt AB. After reportedly killing her, Wilsey grabbed a pack of Oreo cookies from Dillard’s dorm and fled the scene. Eleven days later, he was captured in Emporia, Virginia.

Authorities found Wilsey’s journal among his possession, with a number of incriminating scrawlings written inside.

“The woman and man sat side by side on a dorm room bed at Offutt watching a TV show on a laptop. In his head, the man silently counted down three different times, trying to work up the nerve to act. After the third time, he slipped his arm around the woman’s shoulder and put her in a headlock. He switched arms. He sat on top of her. And he choked her to death. When the woman was dead, the man left the dorm, taking a package of Oreos with him.”

Prosecutors indicated that aside from the damning journal evidence, one of the most disturbing aspects of the case is how Wilsey left Dillard lying alone, lifeless, without even giving her a second thought.

Later, Wilsey allegedly sent a text message to a friend, and while giving out Dillard’s hall name and room number, wrote, “my bad.”

According to Rhianda’s mom, Elizabeth Dillard, her daughter had never mentioned Wilsey’s name before. She also said her daughter didn’t date and there was no romantic connection between the two.

Wilsey is charged with premeditated murder and desertion under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

Dillard had been in the Air Force for less than five months when she was murdered.

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