Florida teen creates teddy bear for fallen officer, Debra Clayton’s son

Last month, Lieutenant Debra Clayton was killed in the line duty while simply stopping a man during a routine traffic check in Orlando, Florida. Her memory is not forgotten, and one teenager is determined to make sure Clayton’s son has something to remind him of his mother forever.

FOX News reports that Megan O’Grady, 14, created the Blue Line Bears, a non-profit organization that helps the children of fallen law enforcement officers by delivering custom-made teddy bears. On Monday at around 10 a.m., she took a custom-made teddy bear to the Orlando Police Department and presented it to Clayton’s son, Johnny Brinson.

During a press conference O’Grady explained that the bear was made out of different parts of Clayton’s police uniform. The fallen officer’s badges were sewn onto the teddy bear’s arms and the shirt’s buttons were used for the stuffed animals eyes and nose.

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Brinson, appreciative of the gift, described the teddy bear as one of the “best” gifts he’s recieved.

“Out of all the gifts I have received, this is one of the best because I always hugged her in her uniform, even before she went to work, while she was on duty because we were that close,” Brinson said. “We talked every day, every hour. “Seeing this patch, feeling it again. I thought I’d never be able to feel it. It’s just amazing.” I’m very thankful to Megan. It’s amazing, I love it. I really do.”

[Feature Photo: Orlando PD]