Streets lined with hundreds of mourners as murdered girls hearse passes by: Police dragnet expands

Hundreds of family members, friends, and supporters gathered on Sunday to mourn and pay respects to the two young teen girls who were found murdered in Delphi, Indiana. As people grieve for the loss of two innocent lives, authorities remind people to remain calm while detectives “do their jobs.”

WLFI reports that mourners gathered at the Delphi United Methodist Church to say goodbye to Libby German, 14, and Abby Williams, 13. Both girls were found murdered last Tuesday. Their deaths sparked a nationwide outrage. The killer remains on the loose. Libby was remembered for her love of sports, her fun-loving nature, and her artistic talents. Abby, whose family held a private memorial service, was a saxophone player and volleyball fan, who loved to read and accompany her family on camping trips.

Authorities urge people to remain calm and carry on as usual while the investigation continues. Shortly after the teens’ funerals, Carroll County Prosecutor Robert T. Ives posted a reminder to people on Facebook to keep in mind that professionals are doing their best to catch the person responsible. He also reminded the public to leave those alone who had their home searched last week.

Carroll County: Please do not harass, bother, or accuse anyone. There are no charges pending against anyone as a…

Posted by Robert T. Ives on Sunday, February 19, 2017

“No one at the home searched is suspected of committing any crime. Please, please leave these people alone and let the police work.”

A few homes searched during the past week didn’t result in any arrests, although authorities left the homes with several bags of evidence. Ives reiterated that the search didn’t mean that the residents in the homes were suspects in the killings.

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Back Story

Last Monday, both girls were dropped off close to the Monon High Bridge. Family members called police after the teens failed to return. The following day, their bodies were found close to the drop-off spot. Detective still haven’t released a cause of death, but Indiana State Police Sergeant Kim Riley stated that both deaths are being treated as homicides.

“This is considered a double homicide investigation, and no further information will be released at this time.”

Last Wednesday, police released a sketch of the person they feel may be responsible for Abby and Libby’s death. The grainy photo depicts a male suspect in a navy blue jacket and blue jeans walking close to the area where the girls were found.

While detectives urge people not to play “amateur detectives” in the case, they also urge anyone with information to call the following numbers:

  • Delphi Murder Tip Line: 844-459-5786
  • Indiana State Police: 765-567-2125
  • Carroll County Sheriff’s Office: 765-564-2413


[Feature Photo: Police Handout]